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Excerpts from NINE LIVES . . . LIVE FOR TEN
By Michael Baxter

According to Steven Tyler, it started from a single promise: "Rock 'til I drop." But after more than 20 years as American's Hometown Band, Aerosmith has found that real success comes from a well-tuned mix of hard work, family and sobriety.

After all the shows and all the years, Aerosmith continues to rock to an inner beat that grabbed on when they were kids and still won't let go. "Where did it start?" asked Tyler in the familiar, raspy voice. "Sitting in class and thinking that this afternoon I'm going to set up my drums and play with some band in the lunchroom. Or maybe, tonight we're going to play the Jewish Center in Mount Vernon. It was a chance to do the Saturday night shows and little skits as a kid every summer in my aunt and uncle's barn at Lake Sunapee (New Hampshire)."

"I must have been 13 when I realized that being a man meant that I'd have to go out and get a job and work someday. I've had experience bagging groceries at the A&P, and putting on a tuxedo and playing with my father's band. So, given the choice, I think I'll take the latter," he said with a laugh.

Decades later the "rush" continues to come, thought now from more sizable shows and venues as proven by the incredibly successful Nine Lives tour, currently winding down its American leg. "After all these years I'm still enthralled by it all," Tyler said. "It's having a $300,000 stage show with 70 guys, five semi-trucks and six buses that pull into a different town every night."

And, just how tough is it to cram 20-years of music into a two-hour concert? "Well, it's like trying to stuff 30lbs. of crap into a 5lb. bag," he said.

Debuting at No. 12 on The New York Times best-seller list in October (1997), Walk This Way, the autobiography of Aerosmith, is a tremendously personal and candid account of the band that "made living on the edge an art form."

Given all the antics and episodes with drug use and rehab, Tyler and the rest of the band found it difficult at times being so open in print. "You can tell who did and who didn't put the most in," he said. "I mean, some of the guys thought it was detrimental, so they left things out. As for me, I said let it fly!"

Tyler readily admits to having a split personality. "Oh, yeah. There's this one who's the rock 'n' roller, and then there's the guy who loves his family and the country life," he said. "I've got a house and a lawn that I mow, I have garbage pales that I love to empty, gutters to rake and cats that need combing. I have a life that I love.

"When I decided to turn my life around I realized that I had been around the world and still hadn't been anywhere," Tyler said. "I want to be able to relive all this great stuff someday, so we're staying sober, and taking time for ourselves and our families."

Steven Tyler and Aerosmith have lived nine lives and now they're seriously living for number 10.


Michael Baxter is a Houston-based writer and marketing consultant.
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